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2018 Elected Officers & Directors

Jim Mahoney (‘00) Past Chair – President / Owner of Linked Technologies Inc.

Jen Lee (‘15) Chair – Marketing Coordinator at Three Rivers Corporation

Jenni Bush (‘16) Vice Chair – Vice President at Space, Inc.

Amy Gilstad (‘16) Secretary – Sourcing Manager at Dow Chemical

Steve Hill (‘14) Treasurer – Portfolio Manager at Chemical Bank in the Wealth Management Department

Wendy Warner (’13) Director – Manager, Client Development at C.A. Fortune

Peter Baiardi (‘15) Director – Realtor at Ayre/Rhinehart

Bob Brentin (‘98) Director

Patrick Schefsky (‘16) Director – Attorney at Poznak Dyer Kanar Garchow Schefsky

Rachelle Kell (‘10) Director – Employee Benefits Administrator at Tri-Start Trust Bank

Cathleen Louisignau (‘13) Director – Marketing Manager at Members First Credit Union

Cally Taylor (’17) Director – Member Relations Director at Greater Midland Community Center

Vicki Wakeman (’17) Director – Blueprint of Safety Coordinator at ShelterHouse

Matt Smith (’15) Director – Realtor at Modern Realty

Jennifer Holzinger (’11) Director – Global HR & Employee Communications at Dow Chemical

Brian Bonotto (’96) Director

Tina Lewis (’03) Director – Director of Membership at Midland Area Chamber of Commerce

Steering Committee Members:

2018 Leadership Midland Steering Committee, chaired by Scott MacNellis, LaLonde’s Foods

Todd Beals
Midland Country Club

Joel Beeck
Hunting Bank

Jenn Brick
Isabella Bank

Dexter Brigham
Midland Center for the Arts

Jenni Bush

Jennifer Chappel
Midland County Habitat for Humanity

Andrew Chubb
Saginaw Valley State University

Erick Forshee
Fisher Sand & Gravel

Dave Gray
Express Mart Food Stores, LLC

Caleb Guthrie
United Way of Midland County

Natalie Herber
Ieuter Insurance Group

Eltaro Hooper
Saginaw Valley State University

Kevin Heye
Greater Midland Community Center

Millie Jezior
MidMichigan Health

Brad Kaye
City of Midland

Kristi Kaye
Midland Hypnotherapy

Chris Komara
City of Midland Police Department

Jerry Ladwig
75th District Court

Bob Rider
Rider Type & Design

Madhu Rishi
Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists

Michael Rodgers
MidMichigan Health

Bridget Sadenwater
ABC – Greater Michigan

Melissa Snelling
Midland County Central Dispatch

Mike Sullivan
Northwood University

Dan Tuma
Dan Tuma Media

Diane Middleton

Leadership Midland Alumni Association:

The Leadership Midland Alumni Association (LMAA) is an active group of Leadership Midland graduates that want to continue to grow their network while being involved in the community. Their core initiatives include planning for future Leadership Midland programs; offering networking opportunities for members; communication through newsletters, an alumni directory, and e-mail alerts; and projects that contribute to the well-being of the community.

The Leadership Midland steering committee is comprised of LMAA members, and plans the annual program, contributing a large amount of time over the course of the year and especially during the actual three day program.

Join LMAA Today! Any questions/concerns, please email leadershipmidland@gmail.com. Again, we really appreciate you being a member of this great organization!

Need to get in touch with an LMAA member? You can find contact information for the 2017 Board of Directors, click here [link to the alumni directory page].

If you are interested in reading the Board of Directors’ minutes, please contact 2017 LMAA Chairperson, Jim Mahoney.

Leadership Midland Information:

Leadership Midland is a community leadership development program that provides exposure and insight to people who will occupy leadership positions within our community. It is a consortium of ideas, training and backgrounds. A number of speakers and presenters share their expertise and skills with class members who are participating in the three-day program.

The future of any community is directly related to the talent, dedication and resourcefulness of the people who call that community home. A program of the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Midland works to develop and enhance leadership skills, inform leaders about the opportunities and challenges facing our community, inspire leaders to encourage salutations and collaborations to make Midland County a better place to work and live, and provide a dynamic network of individuals to strengthen personal and organizational influence. Individuals and their sponsoring organizations gain a better sense of leadership potential and enhanced leadership skills, a broader understanding of community issues so that they can stay more actively engaged, and a diverse, growing network of alumni and resources.

Leadership Midland began in 1986 and was initially sponsored by the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce, Midland Daily News, Midland Rotary Club, and Northwood Institute. To date, nearly 900 people have completed the program. The program is open to adults who expect to serve in leadership positions for the community. The Steering Committee, comprised of Leadership Midland alumni, begins their work in January to identify topics and presenters for the fall program. Class members are selected each spring and spend the summer months preparing for the participation in the program.

For information on Leadership Midland, contact Diane Middleton at the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce at 989.839.9522, ext. 204.

Presidential Level Sponsors for Leadership Midland 2016: Leadership Midland Alumni Association, Greater Midland Community Center, Midland Daily News, MidMichigan Health, Northwood University, Rider Type and Design, and Three Rivers Corporation.


Alumni directory
Maintain class liaison for each class
Maintain alumni contact information
E-mail activity alerts to members
Maintain alumni website and Facebook page


Promote LMAA class projects
Promote LMAA member’s non-profit causes
Class award program
Affiliate Activities

Leadership Midland Program – Alumni help recruit participants and attend games night